We found Rudolph Austin-Sargent abandoned in this department store when we went to get our pool.  He was alone and shivering among the preschoolers. We understood exactly how he felt and immediately accepted him as one of the family. 
Back to the Zoo!
Here's Rudy enjoying his first ride in The Truck.  We let him stick his head out the window this time, as we wanted him to feel comfortable in his new surroundings and to ignore Allen's driving.
We think Rudy is a 6 month old Rottweiler, but we can't know for sure.  We know he's very smart - look!  It's his first week home and I have already taught him to sit!
When I'm not home Allen works on teaching him to hump legs on command (Rudy's not too interested as yet...thank heaven!)
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Welcome to the World of

Rudy, the Wonder Dog!
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Getting Comfy...
Defender of the front lawn
Making nice with the neighbors...
Trailer Dog...
Thank heavens for the hellhound!  He really makes it easier for me to sleep with the helicopter searchlight overhead every night.
Beware - the Hell Hound!!!!
This Halloween Rudy "came out" as my familiar!

My dog can beat up your dog!
I can't hold him back much longer!
Sizing up the opposition...
Is it a bird, or a plane?
It's...the Lawn Avenger!
The conquering champion wants a biscuit!
Rudy in Ohio...the New Chapter!  Coming Soon!