I am, by far, the cutest of all cute hamsters.
Here's my first photo shoot! Mom snapped this one of me when I was a baby! Is it possible that I was even cuter then?
This page was last updated on: June 1, 2009
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It's a cliche I know, but I started so young,  I had to go right out and get a set of wheel (Mom had to wait 18 years for her first car)!
Here I am, playing the most expensive Christmas ornament, ever!
Most people have little electric trains around their trees - we have Hamtrac under the wreath.
...but you can always count on your family to cut you down to size!
02/02: Percy has moved out! He packed his things and headed out alone.  We miss him, and we wish him all the best that luck and fate have to offer!

Forward: Percival, The Brad Pitt of hamsters, a name suited to his superior intelligence as well his delicate manners (so sayeth Mom).

"But Mom usually just calls me 'Fuzzbutt'."
Genesis of a legend....
Let's get the ball rolling...
WHAT is that noise?????  NOT a big Ricky Martin fan here. He and George Michaels are persona non grata since they stole my moves!
I am a HUGE Scarlet Pimpernel fan.  Look for me to star in the upcoming feature film!
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Asleep at the wheel, again.  The one drawback about being a major star is the grueling fitness regimen.
My very first cover!  Scavullo shot this one for Fuzzy's Bazaar, the fall show.  This was before pine shavings got popular - they say I'm the reason they hit big!
Yes, I know Andy would paint anybody for $25K, but I had to do it anyway!
Caricature by Scotland
The morning after, with Duran Duran.  Mom still hasn't forgiven me for this one!
I can't help it - I'm noctournal!
Here I am at one of Hef's bashes (I think my tail is fluffier).
There was WAY too much mousse in my hair on this shoot. They were TOTALLY pissed when I wouldn't do The Maze 2 and 3.  I told them Keanu could handle it if they keep the dialogue to a minimum.  Let's cross our fingers!
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One of the reasons I have such a great rep in the biz is that I do my own stunts!
I can lift several times my own size - check out my traps and delts!
Find the hamster!

Here I am in camoflauge.  No extra $$$ for costuming needed here!
Before you know it, it's time to cut the apron strings..
It started with the new townhome.  Double the square feet that Mom has only satisfied me for a short time, though.  Note the back door.
These are my new digs, behind Mom's laundry hamper.
My bathroom, across the hall.
Typical men's bathroom entertainment. Hey - it's a batchelor pad!